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What is RIASEC?


RIASEC is a test often used in personality psychology. Every person is unique. While one person may be good at math, someone else understands practical matters and another person has a great ability to persuade. All these traits can be used to describe personality types and to select a suitable work environment for the future.

The most important question, when it comes to choosing the right career, should be whether one is going to enjoy that specific kind of work and furthermore, whether one is going to understand it. The RIASEC theory supposes that everybody has an inner predisposition. These predispositions may be divided into six groups.

These six types can build a so-called "personality code", which is composed of the three letters of the strongest predispositions. For example, ICS would be the code for a scientifically oriented person who also has highly developed social and conventional predispositions.

Rrealisticwork with tools, animals, manual labor
Iintellectualscientific, analytical work, problem solving
Aartisticartistic, creative and independent work
Ssocialworking with people, team work and helping people
Eenterpreneurleading, managerial work in competitive environment
Cconventionalorganized and well-defined work

Show suitable occupation for a:

R-type (realistic person) I-type (intellectual person) A-type (artistic person)
S-type (sociable person) E-type (entrepreneur person) C-type (conventional person)