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The typology of temperament allows people to see their good and bad sides


Have you ever wondered why some people are closed off from others and other people are so open and giving to the world? Why are some heads cooler than others? If not, then it basically doesn´t matter. If so, then your thoughts followed in the same direction as the thoughts of a man who pondered on the same issues - the father of medicine, a man named Hippocrates.

Ancient Greeks observed that people are different from one another, but you could find common features in speech and behavior that might be worth sorting out. This need gave rise to a very famous and widely used partition into 4 types of temperaments.

4 bodily fluids = 4 temperaments

At first, Ancient Greeks used to think very differently about typology of temperament than they do today. Hippocrates blamed characteristic expressions of behavior on certain bodily fluids, that predominated in the human body. This notion gave rise to the names of every single temperament: sanguine – blood, stoic – slime, melancholic – black bile, choleric – regular bile . The human personality is, according to these speculations, mixed out of this cocktail. The scientist who decided to explore the topic further and to adjust it to his conclusions came up with new connections to individual theories. For example, Carl Gustav Jung divided temperaments based on the way an individual treats other people, whether he´s open, or whether he lives in his own world and has more or less no interest in a society - whether he's an extrovert or introvert.

Meet the sanguine type of person

If we focus on sanguine people, we discover they meet the criteria of an average person. Or do you imagine an average, regular and balanced individual differently than a cheerful and optimistic person, whose emotions are stable and held firmly in his hands? While, on the other hand, he is more or less fickle and thoughtless. He angrily reacts and sometimes even overreacts to a powerful stimulus. The only consolation is that, in time, he becomes calm and resolves the situation with the composure and calmness that is so typical for him.

Does the phlegmatic get bothered by anything?

Another type of temperament is a phlegmatic, who doesn´t get easily bothered by anything and sails through life with a certain apathy. Is there someone in your vicinity who doesn´t worry about much and doesn´t really care about anything? That means you have the honor of meeting this kind of temperament, which seems to be very indifferent on the outside and has no great ambitions or goals. His feelings are relatively under control, but it´s caused by the fact that only selected individuals can gain his confidence. A phlegmatic person comes across as satisfied, because he doesn´t get worked up about the things other people usually get very upset about.

Dreamer or a melancholic

Melancholic people are very sensitive people, whose thoughts are moving in a rather pessimistic direction. They live in uncertainty and fear of the future. They are fairly sad and they experience their emotions pretty much in their own world, for which they can get more excited than for anything else. They have a negative attitude towards the real world, which results in making their life far too complicated and too difficult. They are taciturn, which makes it hard for them to socialize with other people, but when they do let someone in, they become completely devoted to that individual and will do almost anything in the world for him.

You better stay away from the choleric person in extreme situations

A choleric represents the group of people whose characteristic feature is excessive explosiveness. His aggressive tendencies are oftentimes dangerous to people around him because his impulsive behavior is almost rampant . Egocentrism, thanks to which he considers himself to be the center of the universe, is so conspicuous that people might think his attitude is a pretense. It´s not advisable to underestimate him, because his reactions often don´t have constraints and boundaries.

The quality of experience, success in life and overall direction of a person's life is connected to different types of temperament . However if people can learn to identify themselves and respect their own personality, then they will certainly be more satisfied with themselves and with people around them. And the world will be a much brighter place, even if the vast majority of the world isn´t created by sanguine people.