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MBTI Personality Test will reveal who you are


Personality tests are very popular as they can often hold the key to understanding ourselves. They can identify character attributes and even empathy capability. The tests reach a wide range of people. Psychologists are constantly trying to find new ways to explore the human personality down to the smallest detail. One of the tests used in this field is known by its acronym MBTI.

What is MBTI?

The abbreviation MBTI means "Myers-Briggs type indicator", a kind of personality type identifier named after its authors. The MBTI test first saw the light of day from 1939 to 1945 , during World War II. It was built on theories of renowned and condemned psychologist and psychiatrist of Carl Gustav Jung, who gave the world the well known names extrovert and introvert. Thanks to these, you can characterize a person by seeing whether he is rather open or closed to people around him. Behind the creation of the MBTI test are two American psychologists Katharine Cook Briggs and her daughter Isabel Briggs Myers. This test focuses on the dominant characteristics of an individual, according to which they are subsequently classified into the 16 standardized personality types ,most widely represented in society.

The basic round of this test recognizes the thing that prevails in each individual person

This test evaluates personality based on 4 spheres, monitoring behavior, feelings and expressions of the individual who´s being investigated. Then it observes his perception of the environment, the way he obtains and processes information and what kind of lifestyle he enjoys. A letter is awarded to each person , according to results in each sphere, symbolizing the prevailing matter in this individual, therefore introvert = I, extrovert = E etc.

Depending on how an individual perceives his surroundings and according to his approach, the test determines him to be an extrovert (E) or introvert (I). This appears to be the greatest legacy of Carl Gustav Jung. As we mentioned above, he was the first to come up with this distinction. Extroverts like to communicate with others. They have no problem talking about their feelings and being open with others. Introverts are obviously quite the opposite – they live in their own world and they don´t seek contact with other people - contact with other people may even be unpleasant for them sometimes. If an individual processes information with his sensory equipment, he belongs to a group of more sensitive (S) people, who like to think about the existence of things. They take things in, rather than pondering on "why". Their opposites are intuitively (N) focused people, who prefer thoughts and like to use their imagination, for example, to explore why a certain thing is happening this way and not another way and so on. Another mentioned sphere is information processing. According to this, people are divided into those who think more (T) and those, who, when making decisions are governed mainly by their feelings. (F). The last, fourth sphere of this test examines the way an individual lives his life. Individuals, who think (J), like to plan and have things under control, as they say. The opposite are people, who rely on their feelings (P). They are very spontaneous and truly live for the moment. So do you think you might be able to characterize yourself at this point?

4 letters that say a great deal about a person

After the initial results, there comes a moment for the individual letters to be put together. There are 16 most common personality types very frequently encountered by psychologists: ISTJ, ISTP, ISFJ, ISFP, INFJ, INFP, INTJ, INTP, ESTP, ESTJ, ESFP, ESFJ, ENFP, ENFJ, ENTJ, and ENTP. Are you amongst them? If you are, for example, a type ISTJ, then you would be described by psychologists as an introverted and sensitive type, who thinks and decides. You are probably very quiet, thorough and you go after what you want.

This kind of test is widely used, for example, in the work environment, where it is easy to verify if a particular individual is or isn´t suitable for the position in question. This is oftentimes not revealed by a common job interview, so the test is helpful. However this test is also taken by people who want to find out a little bit more about themselves, who want to reveal their weaknesses and strong points which will help them to find the right direction in life. Oftentimes, people suffer because they don´t live in tune with their dominant characteristics and that is a major reason to take this test. Taking this test will bring you another step closer to happiness.