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RIASEC, MBTI and other personality tests

How can I create an account on this page?

Your account will be automatically created immediately after you fill out the form.

Can I view the results repeatedly? Are they saved somewhere?

Yes, your results will be saved in your account where you can view them whenever you like.

Are my answers stored when I click somewhere else during the test or when I take a break?

No, your answers won't get lost and you will be able to start where you finished, unless you close your website browser during the test.

What affects the choice of my career?

The choice of career – and future orientation – is one of the most important decisions in your life. It is influenced by many factors:

  • family tradition (for instance a family business or a career in medicine)
  • being interested in a certain profession
  • future financial reward
  • your upbringing
  • and many other factors...

Perhaps you were undecided when you came to our website. Our several pages long questionnaire will scrutinize you using the RIASEC method to assess your personality and the professions that suit you most.

Is there a point taking this questionnaire if I´m finished with school and I´m already working?

It doesn't matter if you already have a job, you can take this questionnaire anyway and find out whether you're not wasting your time in your job and whether you're using all your abilities!

What type of questions are in this test?

The test is different from many other tests because it´s very difficult to cheat. The way the questions are formulated does not affect your answers. Therefore you´ll uncover your true nature. Both on the internet and in pamphlets you may come across many questions that make you smile such as:

There are no such questions in this test.